Baby Room Borders – Creative Ideas for Fun Baby Nursery

By | March 15, 2015

Baby Room Borders – Creative Ideas for Fun Baby Nursery Borders

When decorating your baby nursery, you may want to utilize a border around the walls. But don’t feel that you are minute to buying and using wallpaper borders in the baby nursery. Here are some ideas for making challenging baby nursery borders for your baby’s room:Stencil a border around the room using items that match your baby nursery’s theme. For example, if you have a Winnie the Pooh nursery theme, you can form a border by stenciling Pooh, honey pots, bees, etc. around the room. For a Beach themed baby room, you could stencil a border of palm trees, beach balls, seashells, or beach buckets.If you have a car themed baby nursery, build a hurry track border by painting a road around the room with a sunless gray paint. If you want, paint a achieve line somewhere on the border. When the border has dried, utilize a hot glue gun to place hurry cars (matchbox or hot wheels cars work vast) around the hurry track border. For a suppose themed baby room, a similar border could be created by painting boom tracks and gluing toy trains on them.An alternative to a growth chart is to obtain a handprint border. You can exhaust your baby’s handprints to get a border around the room. accept some non toxic latex paint in a color or colors that you want. spend a sponge or a foam brush to lightly coat your baby’s hand with the paint and then press the hand on the wall where you want the border. It is best to price off where you want the border ahead of time. Also determine how far apart you want the handprints to be. If you want, you can do a position of handprints and footprints every month as your baby grows. It would be a current prance on a growth chart for your child’s room.Another conception for a border is to consume wall decals. They could be of the alphabet, nursery rhymes, animals, or items related to your room’s theme. residence them equally spaced apart all the device around the room to form a mercurial and easy wall border.

When it comes to decorating your baby nursery, remember to let your creative juices hump freely. You may surprise yourself with what you are apt of creating!