Cheap Decorating Ideas For Fire space Facades or Mantels -

By | July 17, 2015

Cheap Decorating Ideas For Fire space Facades or Mantels – The Hardest site in the Home to Decorate

Home decorating ideas for fireplaces and mantels are dictated by fabricate, and plunge into one category, ether they are worn, or contemporary. When your decorating style is contemporary, however the fireplace is classified as broken-down, then it will need to be Incorporated into the same gain contrivance. Generally speaking most people shrinking away from renovating a fireplace, believing that the value lies in the fact that one exist, rather than what the facade looks like. In my manufacture travels I have transformed dated, tiresome, or lifeless awl chubby, surrounds, and I have found that any fireplace enhancement does add value to the home.

Decorating Ideas For Fire space Facades

The top three fireplace re-designs I would like to allotment with the anticipation that you will identify with one or all three. Fireplace number one is a 1960′s dismal, and terracotta faux stone, dim mortar, raised hearth, with a rough slash wooden beam as the mantel. The modern decor for the room effect over was a soft recent obtain, however the early American frontier motif on the fireplace was definitely not working. The raised hearth extended into living residence by two feet limiting important floor site, and interrupting the natural traffic pattern of the room.

This particular re-design required demolition of the stone, rough crop wooden mantel, and raised hearth were removed. The wall was repaired, and prepped for a 20″x20″ blue pearl granite tiling region on a 45 degree angle pattern, with stainless 2″x2″ detail tiles. A floating fire box was created by the removal of the hearth for a novel contemporary near, and allowing two feet of additional floor residence. The clunky outmoded fireplace went from a no point to to a current present stopper, and now has became a cohesive focal point to the soft fresh obtain.

Fireplace number two, was a two record red brick, with a extreme rising hearth contemporary that was converting to a faded style for the original transitional room setting. I designed a separate surround, with mantel unit that was custom made to fit over the existing fireplace wall, and leaving the brick hearth exposed. The compose was a simple eyebrow arch, customary cove molding, dapper line details, and painted in elephant tusk white. Most building codes will vary across the country, so please be aware that an eight to twelve inches of a non flammable material such as brick, stone, or tile fixed around the fire box is a code requirement.

The same ogle can be achieved if only a mantel application is outmoded instead of a fleshy surround by constructing a wood box, and attaching several stacked moldings for a decorative accent. The mantel should be wider than the fascia, wrapping it around on each side returning to the wall. This may require metal supports or bolts to be drilled into the hard surface areas. The proper accessories are key to every mantel presentation, and by the diagram I never utilize mirrors, because they only deem unwanted images like the ceiling fan. A grand art glass plate on an easel, expansive architectural candle holders, glassless framed art work will eliminate any unattractive reflections, or eleven Chrystal candlesticks to list a few suggestions.

Fireplace number three, a 70′s dated dim brown, taupe, and dark brick obvious to the height of an eight foot ceiling with a stand away, or sometimes referred as a bump out profile, and accented by an oak crown mantel. The fireplace was flanked on ether side by a location of built in gloomy oak book cases, without estimable lighting it made the entire plot appear black, dungeon, and forbidding.

The first task started by dry walling the top half from the mantel to the ceiling by attaching firing strips directly onto the brick allowing for the installation of the dry wall. A sizable technique for drawing the focus to the fireplace, and not the wall, with the addition of crown molding at the ceiling and an updated paint color on the wall.

The dated brick was the next challenge, if one could imagine how brick looks after being burned in a fire. One of my many talents is faux finishing, and I began to paint the darkest brick to imitate the lighter coloration. A painted fireplace from a resale perspective will devalue a home, considering this factor only a percentage of the brick is painted revealing a total updated lighter brick surround, and therefore tricking the perceive.

Painting the oak mantel white separates, and defines it from the book cases. the murky book cases are highlighted by the addition of recess can lighting, and the veteran wooden shelves are replaced with glass shelving allowing the light to filter through the entire fixture. Three very different designs with recent transformation perform overs, simple or as complex as you desire, so go ahead do it yourself, and turn up the heat.