Decorating a Kitchen in Charming Country French Style

By | May 18, 2015

Whether you acquire a rugged or natural glimpse, country French style is the perfect dcor if your desire is a charming kitchen that welcomes all who enter. The kitchen is typically the most passe room in your home, where family enjoys home-cooked meals and discusses the events of the day. Guests often congregate in the kitchen as well, gathering around the table to bask in coffee, tea and desserts while visiting. Below, you will win some enormous tips and ideas for creating a charming kitchen that is exquisite and welcoming.

Country French decorating is often a blend of country elements and those taken from nature. Imagine a French manor offering grace and quaint details, tucked away in the rolling hills of the country where wildflowers dominate the landscape. Sounds charming, doesn’t it?

A distressed or antique see suits this style perfectly

With country French dcor, a traditional see adds further to the charm and appeal. believe distressed cabinets adorned with knobs and intricate carvings. The dining room table may be made of rough-hewn or distressed wood, and flanked by mismatched chairs. Upholstered seat cushions for the chairs and bar stools add further to the appeal.

Bare, wide-planked wood floors that are buffed to a natural attain and not overly-polished are the perfect touch. If you bewitch ceramic tiles, judge shades of cream, mauve and brown shades to carry through the natural color theme.

Accessories don’t have to be costly

In decorating with a country French flair, you will gain that accessories are easy to score. consume those items that are hand-crafted, or a few of those rustic finds that are often located at a flea market. Distressed and weak looking accents are the perfect touch, and add even further to the country style charm. Antiques that are well used and depict animal or natural scenes are a nice touch as well. Today, many people who retract this style of decorating include country or French obtain roosters and chickens in their dcor.

Paintings and decorative plates that carry through with the natural or animal-themes are spacious in this style of decorating as well. Curtains can be anything from lace to drapes that have a distressed spy, depending on whether you steal a rustic appeal or a fancier obtain. The perfect accent for this type of kitchen is a mountainous antique vase filled with wildflowers straight from nature.

The key to creating a improbable country French style kitchen is using those items you truly admire. While you may be tempted to assume accents or accessories that match perfectly, this is not the best direction to choose. By including those items that truly assume your enjoy personal style and taste; you will form a kitchen atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, while being a bit aesthetic and rustic at the same time.

search for through magazines and search online to procure many improbable ideas for creating a kitchen that is as sparkling as it is charming! deem your fill personality and this will be a room you truly savor.