Decorating Ideas For Safari Nurseries and Kids’ Rooms

By | April 29, 2015

A safari theme is fun for a kids’ room. You might want the same peruse in your living room but you unprejudiced are too skittish. You can mix and match colors and prints for a one of a kind print that will seem cute instead of tacky. Here are some decorating ideas for safari nurseries and kids’ rooms that won’t demolish the bank.

Have fun with color. The usual sad and white or orange and yellow color schemes of regular safari themes might seem too courageous and dramatic for a kids’ room. You can come by different fabrics in teals, purples and reds. clear, it’s not realistic but it’s a kid’s room. It’s supposed to be fun.

Mix in neutrals. If every item in your room has a animal print this can be overwhelming; especially in a smaller room. You might fair need to spend one or two theme items in a room. You can assign a lot of money by mixing and matching different solid colors of sheets, bedding and curtains. This also gives versatility to the station. For a girl’s room try bringing in hot pink or for a boy’s room go with orange or lime green.

Decorate with artwork. This allows you to change out your kids’ room unprejudiced by taking out a few frames. survey for fun photos of pink zebras or sunless and white sophisticated pictures of giraffes.

gain tremendous statements. There’s a tendency when decorating a nursery to utilize a lot of cute wallpaper borders. These are difficult to pick later on and they become dated snappily. Besides, they are featured in lots of different nurseries. Instead, go for a sophisticated theme. In a teen’s room try a canopy over the bed to act as mosquito netting. If you are decorating a nursery then paint realistic murals or develop a original mural instead of going with the usual wallpaper.

assume where and how you employ your money. A murky dresser will work both in a safari room and in a teenager’s room so it’s probably worth spending more money on. It’s easy to go overboard with theme rooms and then they turn into a nightmare later on. Shop colorful by spending your money on items that will last and then bring in inexpensive accessories to drive home your theme.

A safari room for kids should be fun and interesting. However, it will also need to transition into other themes are your child grows.