Have Fun Designing the French Country Kitchen in Your possess

By | April 16, 2015

Have Fun Designing the French Country Kitchen in Your possess Home!

With it’s smart colors and rustic accents, French Country brings out the feelings of warmth, family and happiness, it is no wonder that the French Country Kitchen produce is such a favorite theme for many kitchens across the America. Transforming your kitchen into the fun family hang out station comparable to what would be found in the South of France can be easily achieved with a some paint, well placed accessories and accent pieces.

There are three distinguished elements in re-creating a French country construct theme in your hold home. Those elements are found in your color choices, natural materials and accent pieces. Let’s go over those in detail now!

Color: Your choice of paint color is going to be central to this create theme. As mentioned before, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness are significant and portion of what makes this decor favorite. When you recognize for color inspiration,imagine paintings from some of the vast French artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Blues, poppy red, burnt orange and even greens are all acceptable colors found in this theme. Gold and sunflower yellow are also expansive accent color ideas. The most favorite French country color combinations are blue and gold and poppy red and gold.

Natural materials: Cabinetry, furniture and tiling are also notable to this theme. You will want to avoid furniture styles that are more contemporary or current. inspect for eating tables, benches and chairs that have a distressed wood explore, tiring, pine or even wood painted in natural colors that compliment your wall color choices. Banquette style seating areas with patterned cushions get for a comfortable eating place and chase perfectly with this theme. Tile attend splashes with rustic perform influence works well. wait on splashes with vegetables, cornucopias, fruits or even bird images are cute to spend in this decor.

Accent pieces: French Country is the only effect theme where roosters, hens and copper hanging pots are all incorporated!! Accessories are where you’ll probably have the most fun with this decor style. Using cooper pots and over sized cooper utensils as wall hangings seems to be the most celebrated, but don’t be haunted to play around with different floral arrangements as well. Dried flowers, especially lavender. support unusual flowers in a vase on your table to bring the outdoors in and while adding a suited aroma.

This make theme is meant to be fun, enthralling, and warm – so devour the process of pulling it all together. You don’t need to use a ton of money and chances are – you probably can gather most of what you need in your basement or attic! Check out local yard sales or visit the neighborhood Goodwill or Salvation Army store for vast finds as well!