Interior Decorating Ideas for a Country or Cottage Look

By | April 1, 2015

Do your interior decorating dreams include informal, relaxed spaces with comfortable furnishings, accessories that relate days gone by, and the feel of nature? Then without a doubt you fancy the allure of country and cottage decorating. You will learn more about the basic characteristics that are celebrated to these two decorating styles in the interior decorating tips to follow.

Furnishings for both country and cottage rooms are made from what we might call relaxed woods. These woods include wicker, rustic oak, and pine that have often been distressed or painted. Furnishings also include comfortable, upholstered pieces that typically have dumb, well-organized lines. Floral prints are extinct quite often for upholstery in the cottage decorating style.

Accessories include antiques, birdhouses or other outdoor accessories as well as baskets and current or silk flowers. Vintage quilts acquire intelligent and pleasing wall hangings.Graniteware, stoneware, and pottery narrate country style; depression glassware, mismatched pottery and china symbolize cottage style.

Both country and cottage style decorating obtain consume of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and simple, homespun fabrics. For cottage style rooms, integrate floral chintzes, embroidered linens, and crisp stripes and plaids for drag covers, cushion covers, window treatments, and pillows. Casual trimmings, such as buttons, fringe, piping and soft pleats add to the comfortable feel without being overdone.

Red, white, and blue as well as sunny yellows and spring greens are characteristic of country decorating. Cottage-style decorating makes obedient exhaust of pastel colors which may include pinks, soft reds, lilac, soft blue and mellow yellows and greens.

Hardwood floors in natural or painted wood are perfect companions for both cottage and country-style rooms. Woven rugs or status rugs add color, pattern and warmth.

Country decorating has been all about comfort and creating a setting that is a retreat from the stress and hastily race of our daily lives. Cottage is a very common decorating style today that is closely related to and an expression of the country style.