Update Country Decor With recent Contemporary Touches

By | July 6, 2014

Aahh, the country life! The cozy comfort of rural living lies at the heart of all forms of Cottage Country decorating. However, the versions of homey, rustic Country decorating that dominated the latter half of the 20th century have become aged and outdated. It’s time to give Country decorating style a novel watch for a modern era.

Fortunately it isn’t primary to complete redecorate a Country style home to update its ogle. Whether a home’s version of Country is French, Tuscan, Lodge, and more, a few novel colors, materials and textures will provide a unique, moving survey.

recent Contemporary Touches

For starters, replace the fabrics. The motifs of yesterday – colossal floral prints, barnyard animals, farming tools and the like – notice Country decor as kitschy. Instead, determine stripes and checks for upholstery, while keeping one or two of the used prints for throw pillows, dinky wall hangings or bench cushions.

Painted furniture and antique quilts composed say “country,” so these furnishings can be retained if they’re in gracious condition. Even though some Country styles call for painted furniture to appear distressed, too many nicks and dents simply get it gape venerable and obsolete. Whether to repaint entirely or touch up the marks can be the decorator’s choice, but don’t give up the inherent charm of such pieces. Painted kitchen chairs or a painted chest with a countryside scene are perfect for this decorating style. Add two or three vintage quilts on a rack or prove a collection of folded quilts in a glass-front cabinet.

Update the wreaths made of pinecones and dried flowers. exhaust some creativity to effect dried flowers tied with a slim ribbon in a wicker basket, or do them in a more contemporary vase. Give the note a more up-to-date peer by adding little glass bowls filed with stones in different colors.

Furthermore, rethink how other accessories are displayed. Contemporary looks emphasize the principle that “less is more,” so lop the size and number of accessories to make more bright vignettes. The broken-down elements may be retained, but sever them down to enhance their interest. Thus, instead of several wood bowls holding pine cones or evergreens scattered about a room, acquire one bowl with two or three pinecones surrounding by sprigs of fragrant rosemary. Instead of a week’s worth of wood for the fireplace, only set a few logs in a dismal or bronze metal holder. demonstrate off only the best copper pots and pans in the kitchen.

Likewise, fair any excess in thematic acquire. Two kitchen towels decorated with red roosters are cute. Roosters on all towels may lead guests to feel they’re about to be pecked to death in a chicken yard. Remember the “less is more” guideline.

Update the flooring. Hardwood floors are timeless but braided site rugs may study dated or be extinct. Give the floor a novel contemplate with mustard yellow rugs, reddish orange rugs or brown rugs in graphic patterns.

These fairly simple and inexpensive touches can revive Country decor with modern energy and expression.