Western Home Decorating Ideas

By | May 2, 2015

The American West typifies western home decorating ideas that could be anything from a rustic cabin belonging to a cowboy to a hideout in the mountains. While antlers, wool and birch bark play a slight role, western style decoration usually uses wood, rock, leather and metal in abundance. These are the ingredients that give a feel of the Wild West as well as satisfies the home owner who is looking to replicate his home to those that existed during the heady past in American history.

To start thinking about western home decorating ideas you have toy with natural ingredients from which you can earn the furniture made. Without being intricate in manufacture, western type furniture uses logs liberally and is usually titanic while the furnishings are mission type. Colors generally frail for western home interiors are gloomy, honey and gray. For bordering, navy, forest shade green, terracotta, cream brick colored red is accepted. All of them should blend well with the wallpaper made from fabric carrying western motifs.

Motifs ragged on wallpapers center around cowboys, hold, moose, pine trees, cattle, oaks, pine, lakes and rivers. Hunting and riding scenes are also considerable favored motifs and figure in western home decorating ideas as are wild flowers and bushes.

For western style home decor, you can utilize fabric that is not ravishing, but rough, tough and a bit indecent textured. Try and avoid using intelligent leather and resolve for matte finishes which gels well with the era. If at all you have to save in some shine, utilize them sparingly. Fur, woven rugs, denims and tweeds are quintessentially western in nature and are best obsolete for fabric ideas and may also be traditional for upholstery.

Western home decorating ideas suggest an accent on anything that is passe and antique but rugged in looks and nature. That also goes for your private nook. Your bedroom can feature furnishing and linen that behold wild and rough but are cozy at the same time.

Leather strips, dry flowers, quilts, mirrors in twig frames, rawhide lampshades as accessories can figure in western home decorating ideas. With wooden floors, the fireplace and mantle with liberal bronze artifacts are prerequisites for a western style living room interior with artwork on oil, vintage photos and paintings.